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Why Migraines Aren’t Just Headaches

Common misconception. A migraine? Take some paracetamol. Have a shot. You'll be absolutely fine. Nope. Houston, we have a problem. Headaches are common, tension, sinus or "normal"? Whatever takes your pick. Migraines, however, are far more complex. Migraines are caused by nerve impulses and electrical impulses in the brain causing irritation to certain parts of… Continue reading Why Migraines Aren’t Just Headaches

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What To Expect When You’re Not Expecting

This is it. We have now reached that age. Facebook is now clouded with a haze of pictures of new slimy babies, massive engagement rings and yet another new questionable relationship. The news is littered with arrests and prosecutions of people we used to sit next to in English, but then, there is the few, like… Continue reading What To Expect When You’re Not Expecting