A Million Dreams

I have always been the kind of person to take a lot of inspiration from literature and films. Ever since I was young I would write stories about things I saw, did or wanted to be.

I feel that I have somewhat my direction of thought and ambition has changed as I’ve gotten older. Nowadays we are so susceptible to judgement that masks our hopes and dreams, we live in a world where the opinions and thoughts of others shape our lives more than the thoughts of those who would wave pom-poms screaming our name.

Premature baby Lucy has grown from the milky bar kid into a slightly bigger brunette baby. I can get very afraid of judgement as we all can; scared of what people will think if I make that video or write that book. What would they think if I went to audition? What mockery and laughter would ensue as they watch me fail? But what I’m trying to envisage is that I don’t have to fail because I don’t want to fail, so I simply won’t.

One thing I want to programme into myself this year is that I have made the decision to start taking more risks. Some may be a bit too ambitious and perhaps far too silly, but it doesn’t make them any less real or desirable. I have my plans and no one will no convince me otherwise.

A million dreams that I have planned and am yet to complete.

Hopefully, at one point in my life I will look back at the time I spent procrastinating and just shrug my shoulder because in the end, after it all, I will have crossed everything off my list and did it anyway, regardless of whatever is said and whoever by.

People will judge you and have a quip to add to the list regardless of what you do with your life; you don’t try hard enough or you have it far too easy. Pursue whatever makes your happy.

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