Mental Health

Rising Above

It takes a lot of bravery to admit there is something wrong, and sometimes, even more, to admit that things are exactly how they should be. Life is scary and at times very unpredictable. “Brave” doesn’t mean that you’re not scared it means that you continue regardless of fear you feel.

Over the years I have learnt a lot about bravery. Facing medical, emotional and mental fears. I have found that someone is not always with you because they actually love you. Sometimes people only care about convenience and what is best for themselves in contrast to your combined happiness.

Throughout the years I have been so very self-critical. I have struggled with anxiety and depression, borderline eating disorders and have felt almost phobic of certain things at times. I still suffer a lot of inner conflict to this day, but the difference now is that I can look at myself and instead of seeing my silver stripe-like stretch marks that cover my horse rider thighs and lower back, instead of seeing the scar that saved my life – I see the body that has helped me through every dark time, every negative thought I have ever had and every bad experience I have battled through.

Almost every day I see people struggle. Be it emotional or physical, everyone experiences hardship on a regular basis. Be kind, be loving and be courageous as you can to every person you meet – even if they treat you not as nicely as they perhaps should, remember to rise above.

I carry so much love in my heart. So maybe, just maybe, sometimes I should give some to myself. Happy birthday Lucy.

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