Road To Somewhere

Recently, I have been getting CBT and other forms of counselling on a regular basis so I thought I would share some of the helpful insights I have been given by my therapist:

1. Sometimes it feels like a little does in-fact take you no where – it is always important to remember that when you have ridden that downward spiral like a staircase it can be hard to climb back to the top in one day. Things take time. They always take time.

2. It is okay to say actually acknowledge you have experienced a lot of hardship – everyone has their sad days and bad experiences in life, but it is also healthy to not play it off, to ride the waves of sadness and say “yes today is a bad day, what happened was terrible, but tomorrow, next week and next year will be better.”

3. Not everyone around you can help – some people don’t understand whilst others purely don’t want to. In times of need or discourse you need to surround yourself with people who you love, and likewise will love you in return, despite whatever problems you face at the present moment.

4. Try not to expect too much of yourself – you cannot get over trauma in a week, month or perhaps years. Focus on the now. Don’t think or tomorrow or the children you could have one day. Think of how you will try to be happy when you wake up tomorrow, even if the world tells you that you shouldn’t be.

5. Know when to give in – some days will be easier than others, which is a giver, but it should also be obvious that some days you will need to take more care of yourself than others. When the going gets tough a duvet and a nap can work wonders, don’t view it as giving up or giving into your bad feelings just try to view it as a break, and at the end of it you get out in the right side of bed.

The most important love you can receive is from yourself, even if it is in the smallest doses.

By Lucy Heather


My name is Lucy and welcome to my blog!

I am a self-diagnosed fiction junkie and De Montfort University alumni who went from student paediatric nurse to aspiring author and poetess.

Come and listen to my ramblings about subjects that have ridden the rails of my brain for years, or simply skim over the thoughts that were hitchhiking for a stop or two. 

If you want to know where to find me, catch up with me on my latest blog posts or my social media; Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or Pinterest.

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