Mental Health

Unashamedly Different

Mental health is a very peculiar thing. Every person on this earth has a different mind, a different body. Although almost all of us are anatomically similar, we can be worlds apart in decisions, faith and everyday life without even trying. Sometimes your mind can convince you of things that are something of a stretched reality of what lies before you. Sometimes you find it hard to go to work and that the dishes didn’t do themselves overnight despite your subconscious request. Things can get a bit much. It is what it is, and what it is can sometimes be rather unpleasant.

One of the biggest things that I have learnt with my battle with my own mental health, and observing the journey of others, is that being alone doesn’t mean that you’re lonely, yet loneliness can come for us all. Never isolate yourself to the degree that boundaries become your only friend because walls will do nothing but shrink with time. Do not suffocate yourself with your own subconscious restrictions. Never put limitations on yourself; never say that you cannot do it, never say maybe or you don’t think it would be wise because you have, you can and you will.

Human beings survive on love and nourishment. Whether this nourishment comes in the form of cake or a person it is yours to decide. Water the roots from which you are growing; it is so incredibly unhealthy to damage a healthy life by living it in ignorance and malice. Kiss the ones you love and hold them tight when they think you won’t, carry the shopping for your mum even though you already did it this week, try not to smack your little brother when he leaves the toilet seat up again. At the end of it all, we are all the same lumps of water and chemicals that want very similar things.

Although we may differ greatly from the colour of our skin to which gods we worship, one thing is absolutely clear – hatred looks ugly on humans so it is a mask we need to lose.

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