Generation Z

Nowadays I feel that it is hard to find some authenticity. Everything you seem to conjure up in your head has been done in some capacity or seems useless either way. We live in an age of Facebook and when Instagram ‘likes’ matter more than the friendship we hold on a physical basis.

I absolutely loved growing up in the 2000s without phone or any form of technology. The only technological devices I possessed were cameras or Tamagotchis. Nowadays kids won’t know the feeling of going home after school & watching Tracey Beaker or The Suite Life of Zack and Cody with a packet of crisps. Some of my fondest memories are eating hula hoops on bean bags with my best friends and camping out to have a High School Musical marathon.

H20 Just Add Water was every girl’s dream because who wouldn’t want a tail and Zoey 101 reigned supreme, making every pre-teen want to spontaneously enrol in ‘college’. You’d then spend the entire evening playing Club Penguin, Yoshi Monsters or Habbo before tea which was always something weird but wonderful, i.e turkey dinosaurs. Oh the years before Jamie Oliver and ‘Healthy Eating’ School Meals, chip Fridays were the highlight of any primary school. The days of Harry Potter PC games are things of the past, Crash Bandicoot is no more and The Simpsons has got a lot worse since I last watched it.

I find it sad that the pre-teen years seem to blend together nowadays. Some of my fondest memories when I was around 8 are from climbing trees with my friends and going to reading challenges at our local library. A bottle of Ribena and towers of books would set us up all day. I got my first phone when I was 13, which happened to be a delightful toxic pink Motorola flip up.

Everyone is born creative, everyone is given the same pencils and pen pass. When we grow older and hit puberty, we put the pen down and start chasing boys or flood our thoughts into that mind-numbing textbook you had to use for that exam. Sometimes the little voices in your head will tell you to pick up that pen again, and that’s okay.

Inside all of us are the kids who loved Angelina Ballerina and Come Outside with that wonderful aeroplane. Growing up is okay, but it’s all we wanted to do sometimes. There would be floods of ‘when you get older’ or ‘when you’re older you’ll understand’ and the fact is, we can grow to be the size of the empire state building but that doesn’t mean that you have to grow old. ‘The adult within me would be much wiser to learn from the child within me rather than focus on the demand that the child within me grow up.’

By Lucy Heather


My name is Lucy and welcome to my blog!

I am a self-diagnosed fiction junkie and De Montfort University alumni who went from student paediatric nurse to aspiring author and poetess.

Come and listen to my ramblings about subjects that have ridden the rails of my brain for years, or simply skim over the thoughts that were hitchhiking for a stop or two. 

If you want to know where to find me, catch up with me on my latest blog posts or my social media; Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or Pinterest.

Thanks for dropping by!

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