Learning To Love Your Mental Health

Today is mental health awareness day. At least the date this post was written is. Today, of all days, it is important to remember to love. To love yourself, to love your friends, to love your family. Even try to love the people that you’re not so fond of. Every person you will cross in the street has a story. A story that you are blissfully unaware of – it might be the most glorious tale to grace your ears however it might also send you swinging into despair. Be kind to everyone, even if said people don’t perhaps treat you as they should.

There has been very few times in my life that have been sad, yet unfortunately when these moments arose they were phenomenally melancholy. As always, I am very fortunate to have had an amazing support system both growing up and at my current age. My friends and family are my rocks in the river, they keep me grounded when I’m a lost helium balloon floating skyward – I have struggled with mental health problems multiple times at varying severities throughout my lifetime, my friends and family sadly experiencing the same or similar. Mental health is both a grey cloud and sunny sky. The sunny sky can be the mask, but the grey clouds can be between your ears nurturing the monsters that emerged from under your bed and cemented themselves into your thoughts.

As I have grown up I have learned that love is not a kiss or something arguably a little more inappropriate – but a “get home safe” text or that cup of tea you so desperately needed when you’ve been slaving to meet that deadline. Love presents itself in many ways from different people and it is a beautiful, phenomenal thing. In the words of Merlin the worlds most powerful magician – “that love business is a powerful thing lad. Greater than gravity. Well, yes. In its way, yes, I’d say it’s the greatest force on Earth.”


Never allow someone to undermine your feelings, or illustrate that the way you feel is wrong. You are valid. Suicide and inner demons should not be taken lightly. Killing yourself is real. It is permanent. It is not a phrase to use in jest. Your mental health is as justifiable as any physical damage. Rest. Heal. Rehabilitate. Love yourself and each other.

By Lucy Heather


My name is Lucy and welcome to my blog!

I am a self-diagnosed fiction junkie and De Montfort University alumni who went from student paediatric nurse to aspiring author and poetess.

Come and listen to my ramblings about subjects that have ridden the rails of my brain for years, or simply skim over the thoughts that were hitchhiking for a stop or two. 

If you want to know where to find me, catch up with me on my latest blog posts or my social media; Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or Pinterest.

Thanks for dropping by!

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