Physical Health

Why Migraines Aren’t Just Headaches

Common misconception. A migraine? Take some paracetamol. Have a shot. You'll be absolutely fine. Nope. Houston, we have a problem. Headaches are common, tension, sinus or "normal"? Whatever takes your pick. Migraines, however, are far more complex. Migraines are caused by nerve impulses and electrical impulses in the brain causing irritation to certain parts of… Continue reading Why Migraines Aren’t Just Headaches

Films and Television

5 Movies I Loved As A Child And Still Love Now

Films have a lot of power. Within pictures there are thousands of words, within moving tales there are novels. Within words there is strength, within strength their is unity. Sometimes it doesn't matter where you come from, what you look like or what your beliefs are - people can become siblings over fandoms and that's… Continue reading 5 Movies I Loved As A Child And Still Love Now